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Aggregate Hopper Trailer

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Cornhusker 800 White Aggregate Hopper
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Cornhusker 800 Aggregate Hopper
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Cornhusker 800 Aggregate Hopper Opened
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Air Trip Gate Opener
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Aggregate Hopper Explanation

The Cornhusker 800 Aggregate hopper trailer combines the function of a dump trailer with the light empty weight of our hopper trailer. Each hopper on the Cornhusker 800 Aggregate trailer opens with a simple air operated chamber. This eliminates the need for massive hydraulic lift cylinders and other heavy hydraulic components which take away from your payload and pocketbook. Our standard 42’ Cornhusker 800 Aggregate hopper weighs less than 8400 lbs. combining a 42’ Ultra-Lite Aggregate hopper with a 15000 lb. tractor offers you a payload of over 57000 lbs. in an 80000 lb. state. Spread axle and 3-axle Aggregate hoppers are available for states with higher weight limits. Eliminating the hydraulics permits virtually any tractor to operate a Cornhusker 800 Aggregate trailer. The trip dump hoppers allow you to spread an even 7’ wide swath or to stockpile the aggregate. Our optional cab controls allow you to spread your load “on the fly” (the hopper doors must be closed manually. Add our optional interior fold-down panels to unload your bulk commodity into an auger or small pit. Get rid of your heavy end dump trailer and step into a Cornhusker 800 Aggregate hopper trailer to realize its versatility and added PROFIT!

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